I heart Soil Photo Campaign Sticker Request


Thank you for your interest in participating in our Soil Sightings/I heart Soil photo campaign.

We want to see where in the world our members are with the I heart Soil sticker. Where has it been already? View the photos by clicking the map to the right.

What will we be doing with them? We’ll be rotating them through our Soil Sightings photo display, use them in outreach, and other media (online and print).

To get you started, we’ll send you several “I heart Soil” stickers that you can take with you on summer vacations, business trips, field work, etc. Then, take a photo while at a favorite location, on vacation, or at an interesting soil site that shows soil and/or can teach people something about soil and soil science. We’ll send the stickers in English. However, if you would rather have them in another language, select which language you would like:

Fill out the following mailing info:

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Postal Code



Then, when you have a photo (or more) to send us, you’ll submit electronically.

Questions? Contact us at 608-273-8080.


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