Multimedia Gallery - Soils Support Urban Life- February 2015

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Soils Support Urban Life- February 2015

ID # 35

Soils Support Urban Life- February 2015
Soils Support Urban Life

STEM Standard addressed: ESS3C - Human Impacts on Earth Systems

Appropriate Grade Level(s)
  • All
Materials are best used for
  • Classroom Lectures
  • Extension Presentations
General Course Areas
  • Introduction to Soil Science

Category: Environment & Landscape

Do you live in a city? Most people do. Under all of this city space, even under the concrete, is a lot of soil, and it’s a complex mixture of minerals, water, air, and organic matter that perform many critical functions. Help the soil serve you by making rain gardens, making and using compost, and making an urban garden.

This video was developed for the 2015 International Year of Soils, February's theme of Soils Support Urban Life. More resources are available at

Peer Review: Yes

Credit this item to: Soil Science Society of America
Media Date: 2015-02-01
Provided By: (SSSA) Soil Science Society of America


  • * Soil Science Society of Ameria

Submitted By: (SSSA) Soil Science Society of America


  • Soil
  • IYS
  • Urban
  • Rain garden
  • Storm Water
  • Cities
  • Water
  • Flooding
  • Runoff
  • School


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