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Soil of North Carolina Poster
A poster showing soils representative of the major physiographic regions of North Carolina

Appropriate Grade Level(s)
  • All
General Course Areas
  • Environmental Science
  • Introduction to Soil Science
  • Soil Taxonomy and Genesis
This poster displays some of the wide variety of soils that are found across the state of North Carolina. The name of each soil on the poster represents the name of the soil series, which is the lowest level in the USDA Soil Taxonomy classification system hierarchy. The soil series is a group of soils that have similar arrangement of horizons (layers) as well as similar physical and chemical properties. The unique properties of each soil series give us an understanding of the soil’s performance or behavior for different land uses. This poster also displays the different physiographic regions of North Carolina. Each physiographic region represents large areas that are unique in their landscape, geology, climate, vegetation, and other natural resource features. The unique features of each region provide the environmental conditions in which the diversity of the soils of North Carolina formed

Peer Review: No

Provided By: Dr. David A. Crouse


  • * David A. Crouse
    NC State University - Soil Science

Submitted By: Dr. David A. Crouse


  • North Carolina
  • soil profile
  • poster
  • landscapes


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