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Wisconsin Age Glacial Till Plain

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Wisconsin Age Glacial Till Plain
Aerial photograph of the Wisconsin age glacial till plain near West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

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  • 9-12
  • College-level
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  • Environmental Science
  • Introduction to Soil Science
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Category: Environment & Landscape

Oblique aerial photograph of the Wisconsin Age glacial till plain west of West Lafayette, Indiana, USA at the boundary between the grasslands of the Great Plains and the Eastern Deciduous Forest. The center of the photograph is at 40° 28' 41.736" N, 86° 59' 12.126" W and the view is to the northeast. A nearly level, gently undulating till plain dominates most of the view. The upper left quadrant of the photo consists predominately of poorly and somewhat poorly drained Mollisols originally formed under prairie vegetation. These areas are now cropped extensively to corn and soybean. The right and lower portions of the photo consist predominately of poorly and somewhat poorly drained Alfisols originally formed under deciduous forest. Cleared areas are cropped to corn and soybean, but many rectilinear remnants of the original forest remain, particularly along more sloping areas where drainage ways cut into the till plain. Rural subdivisions occur along the right side of the photo, a wind farm occurs along the upper left, and a research farm occurs in the center.

Peer Review: No

Credit this item to: Photo by Darrell G. Schulze, Purdue University.
Media Date: 2012-09-12
Provided By: Dr. Darrell G. Schulze

Postal Code: 47906
Latitude: 40.478260
Longitude: -86.986702


  • * Darrell G. Schulze
    Purdue University

Submitted By: Dr. Darrell G. Schulze


  • Wisconsin Till Plain
  • Mollisols
  • Alfisols
  • prairie soils
  • forest soils
  • Aquolls
  • Aqualfs
  • Land use


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