Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship


Great soil and water conservationists do not evolve from our education systems, but are nurtured throughout their education and career building period by conservation stalwarts who have traveled on before them. Credit must be given to the mentors and colleagues that have shaped the field of soil and water conservation before us. The reality is the number of professionals, mentors, college curriculums, and students are diminishing in the field of soil and water conservation. This Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship is meant to bring back into focus the vital necessity and passion for our discipline by encouraging current students to consider a career in soil and water conservation. The award is supported by funds from the Soil and Water Management & Conservation Division to the Agronomic Science Foundation and administered by SSSA.

A stipend of $3000 will be awarded to the selected candidate in August preceding the start of the fall semester. In addition, $500 will be awarded to the student awardee’s major professor or advisor to encourage the continued mentoring of the student in the field of soil and water conservation, as well as to entice the student candidate to apply for the scholarship, and to accompany the awardee attending the SSSA Annual Meeting.


  • Current scholastic accomplishments (classes taken, projects completed). Transcripts not required
  • Student’s career goals in soil and water conservation
  • Student’s work experiences in the field of soil and water conservation
  • Major professor’s support and acknowledgement of student’s activities
  • Student’s vision of the importance of soil and water conservation in their near future

Further information about the Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship can be found on the Soil and Water Management & Conservation Division webpage, or contact Jerry Lemunyon, scholarship chair.

If you have any questions about the submission process, please contact Rachel Leege at 608-268-4949.

Nominations Opened: Feb 1, 2017 - 8:00 AM CST
Nominations initiated by: May 24, 2017 - 4:00 PM CDT
1 Reference Letters and Final Nomination submission by: May 31, 2017 - 4:00 PM CDT


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  1. The candidate must be a student enrolled in a North American (USA, Canada, and Mexico) University. Preference will be given to students enrolled in a land grant university, or other universities or colleges having an equivalent agricultural curriculum.
  2. The student can be a junior or senior in a B.S. program or a M.S. candidate.
  3. This award allows self-nominations.
  4. Former recipients of this Award are not eligible.


  1. The student’s major professor must support the candidate by writing a letter of support.
  2. Members of this SSSA Awards Committee, the SSSA Board of Directors, and also the ASA Executive Committee are not eligible to be a reference for this award.



  1. Current School
  2. Major Professor/Advisor
  3. Academic and Field Experiences
    Describe academic and field experiences in soil and water conservation (classes and special studies, field experiences). (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)
  4. Vision and Career Objective
    Summarize in this section your vision of the vital efforts required in soil and water conservation to maintain the sustainable production of our agricultural goods and services and to protect the quality of our natural resources. Relate how your current student work and education objectives will fit into this vital task and how a future career objective after graduation will make a difference in the task of conserving soil and water resources (Character Limit, including spaces: 3000)