U.S. science groups have 20 questions for Presidential candidates

Climate change. Mental health. Space exploration. Vaccinations. The health of the oceans. Antibiotic-resistant superbugs. These are not the typical meat-and-potatoes topics of presidential debates. Often, the candidates and people who ask them questions skip over such topics entirely. But dozens of non-partisan groups that represent millions of scientists and engineers across the country are eager to change that. For the third consecutive presidential election, ScienceDebate.org is asking candidates to consider science issues in their campaign platforms. A coalition of 56 higher education and scientific organizations, including SSSA, ASA and CSSA are urging the four Presidential candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump, the Green Party’s Jill Stein, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, to provide answers to 20 questions dealing with science, engineering and technology issues. See the 20 questions here.