Stopgap funding measure likely, but timing still unclear

Political momentum is building in both chambers for a short-term stopgap measure, known as a continuing resolution, that would fund the government until December. The resolution, which would extend current funding levels for all government agencies through Dec. 9, would avoid the specter of a government shutdown threat in the weeks leading up to the elections. But it won't be an easy sell. Some House conservatives want to avoid another Christmastime mammoth spending package that they say allows for excessive federal spending with little scrutiny. Instead, they want a longer-term stopgap measure that would delay all major spending decisions until a new president and Congress take office next year. The biggest sticking point – whether a Planned Parenthood-affiliated clinic in Puerto Rico would get access to federal funding to combat the Zika virus – appears mostly settled on the Senate side, but campaign finance, trucking safety and the internet domain system are among the grab-bag of other issues keeping the Senate from a final deal to stave off a government shutdown at the end of the month.