Scientists to March in DC on April 22

There's been some concern about the fate of science under President Trump. His appointees include climate change skeptics and he regularly cites false numbers on things like voter fraud and crime rates, while his surrogates defend the use of "alternative facts." In an effort to highlight the importance of science in decision and policy-making, a grassroots effort has developed into the March for Science which will be held in Washington, DC on April 22. While the main march will take place in the US capitol, hundreds of other local satellite marches will also be held across the globe. Several scientific societies have formally endorsed the March, but there is still considerable debate as to the goals of the March and whether it is the most effective way to engage with policy-makers. While ASA, CSSA and SSSA are not formally affiliated with the March as a partner organization, we encourage our members to participate if they have interest.