As the 115th Congress is sworn in, what lies ahead?

With complete control of Congress and the White House, Republicans have a unique|| opportunity to reshape the $4 trillion federal budget next year. But even as GOP leaders look for policy wins, a series of treacherous deadlines and stiff Democratic resistance will complicate matters. On January 3, Senate Republicans released a bare-bones budget in their first step to repeal Obamacare. The budget resolution includes instructions for drafting legislation aimed at repealing the health care law through reconciliation, a process that allows the bill to pass with a simple majority and sidesteps the threat of Democratic obstruction in the Senate. But the path to repeal is still uncertain. The budget resolution would allow the annual deficit to almost double over the next decade; a hard pill to swallow for fiscal conservatives. Even if the repeal legislation can be passed along party-line votes, there is still no consensus on what a replacement for the health care law would look like or how it could be phased in.