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Articles are posted here immediately following acceptance to provide faster publication and better access to the newest research. These articles have not been professionally edited and do not appear as they will in the final journal issue. Finalized manuscripts will be compiled in the online versions of Vadose Zone Journal.

Online ISSN: 1539-1663

Citation | Articles posted here may be cited by the doi. The dois are deposited when the article is published in the issue.

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Original Research

Macropore-Matrix Water Flow Interaction Around a Vertical Macropore Embedded in Fine Sand--Laboratory Investigations
K. Germer and J. Braun

The AgroEcoSystem (AgES) Response-Function Model Simulates Layered Soil-Water Dynamics in Semi-Arid Colorado: Sensitivity and Calibration
Timothy R. Green, Robert H. Erskine, Michael L. Coleman, Olaf David, James C. Ascough II, and Holm Kipka

Numerical Investigation on Gas Emission from Three Landfill Soil Covers under Dry Weather Conditions
Charles W.W. Ng, Jian Liu, and Rui Chen

Effects of CT Number-Derived Matrix Density on Preferential Flow and Transport in a Macroporous Agricultural Soil
Sheela Katuwal, Per Moldrup, Mathieu Lamandé, Markus Tuller, and Lis W. de Jonge

Characterization of the Gas and Liquid Conductivity of an Above Ground, Commercial Scale Sulphur Block
Jeremy J.M. Ledding, Mingbin Huang, S. Lee Barbour, and M. J. Hendry

Comparison of IHM and MIKE SHE Model Performance for Modeling Hydrologic Dynamics in Shallow Water Table Settings
Jing Zhang and Mark Ross

Field-Measured, Hourly Soil Water Evaporation Stages in Relation to Reference Evapotranspiration Rate and Soil to Air Temperature Ratio
Judy A. Tolk, Steven R. Evett, and Robert C. Schwartz

Effects of Soil Bulk Density on Gas Transport Parameters and Pore-Network Properties Across a Sandy Field Site
Federico Masís-Meléndez, Lis Wollesen de Jonge, T.K.K Chamindu Deepagoda, Markus Tuller, and Per Moldrup

Predicting Rates of Weathering Rind Formation

A.G. Hunt

Remediation of Technetium in Vadose Zone Sediments Using NH3 and H2S Gases

Jim E. Szecsody, Mike J. Truex, Lirong Zhong, James P. McKinley, Nikolla P. Qafoku, Brady D. Lee, and Sabrina D. Saurey

Estimation of Recharge from Long-Term Monitoring of Saline Tracer Transport Using Electrical Resistivity Tomography
E.B. Haarder, K.H. Jensen, A. Binley, L. Nielsen, T.B. Uglebjerg, and M.C. Looms

Considering Surface Roughness Effects in a Triangular Pore Space Model for Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity
Wenjuan Zheng, Xuan Yu, and Yan Jin

Within Year Changes in Hydraulic Properties of a Shallow Entisol in Farmland and Forestland
Hong-Lan Wang, Xiang-Yu Tang, Wei Zhang, Song-Bai Song, and Blair M. McKenzie

Subsurface Water Retention Technology Improves Root Zone Water Storage for Corn Production on Coarse Textured Soils
Andrey K Guber, Alvin J.M. Smucker, Samrawi Berhanu, and James M.L. Miller

Spatiotemporal Patterns of Soil Matric Potential in the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory
Haoliang Yu, Peiling Yang, and Henry Lin

Application and Validation of an Upscaling Method for Uunsaturated Water Flow Processes in Heterogeneous Soils
Na Li, Li Ren, and Xingye Yue

Transport and Retention of Polyvinylpyrrolidone-Coated Silver Nanoparticles in Natural Soils
Dengjun Wang, Deb P. Jaisi, Jing Yan, Yan Jin, and Dongmei Zhou

Special Section: Dynamic Processes in Capillary Fringes

Observing Solute Transport in the Capillary Fringe Using Image Analysis and Electrical Resistivity Tomography in Laboratory Experiments
Magnus Persson, Torleif Dahlin, and Thomas Günther

Application of Reactive Transport Modeling to Growth and Transport of Microorganisms in the Capillary Fringe
P. Hron, D. Jost, P. Bastian, C. Galler, J. Winter, and O. Ippisch

Special Section: Organic Materials Used in Agriculture, Horticulture, Reconstructed Soils, and Filtering Applications

Root Water Uptake by Romaine Lettuce in a Muck Soil: Linking Tip Burn to Hydric Deficit
Yann Périard, Jean Caron, Jonathan A. Lafond, and Sylvain Jutras

Wettability of Organic Growing Media used in Horticulture: A Review
J.-C. Michel

Pore Tortuosity and Wettability as Main Characteristics of the Evolution of Hydraulic Properties of Organic Growing Media during Cultivation
E. Kerloch and J.-C. Michel

Physical Properties of Organic Soil: Adapting Mineral Soil Concepts to Horticultural Growing Media and Histosols Characterization
J. Caron, J.S. Price, and L. Rochefort

Impact of Bioclogging on Peat vs. Sand Biofilters
M. Mostafa and P.J. Van Geel

Organic Growing Media: Constituents and Properties
Bill Carlile, Costantino Cattivello, and Patrizia Zaccheo

Spatial Distribution Patterns of Soil Water Availability as a Tool for Precision Irrigation Management in Histosols: Characterization and Spatial Interpolation
J.A. Lafond, S.J. Gumiere, D.W. Hallema, Y. Périard, S. Jutras, and J. Caron

Characterization of Water Retention Curves for a Series of Cultivated Histosols
D.W. Hallema, Y. Périard, J.A. Lafond, S.J. Gumiere, and J. Caron

Long-Term Effects of Peatland Cultivation on Soil Physical and Hydraulic Properties: Case Study in Canada
Dennis W. Hallema, Jonathan A. Lafond, Yann Périard, Silvio J. Gumiere, Ge Sun, and Jean Caron

Technical Notes

Hysteresis in the Soil Water Retention of a Sand-Clay Mixture with Contact Angles Lower than Ninety Degrees
S.D.N. Lourenço, N. Jones, C. Morley, S Doerr, and R. Bryant

Book Reviews

Review of Preferential Flow–Stokes Approach to Infiltration and Drainage
John R. Nimmo