Velvet bean and maize grow together in this experimental field
February 23, 2015

Recent research in Mexico suggests rotating the use of a local cover crop can improve soil fertility and yields of maize (corn) harvests.

Connor Luong with his winning science fair project
February 11, 2015

Connor Luong, 6th grader from Brookfield School in Sacramento, California, was awarded a $1,000 prize by the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA...

Photo of arid soil courtesy of Oxfam International
January 12, 2015

Soil—it’s what’s under our feet. But it’s also what makes sure there is food and water in our stomachs, air in our lungs,...

January 09, 2015

This month, we profile retired USDA-ARS plant physiologist and research leader Betty Klepper, who was elected the first female Fellow of the Soil...

landscape view of agricultrual field
January 05, 2015

Runoff from agricultural fields contains nutrients that can adversely affect surface water quality, human health, and aquatic life. Nitrates from...

January 03, 2015

Even for seasoned agricultural and soil scientists, the concept of modeling can be foreign. Making models more familiar and promoting their study...

extreme soil erosion
December 29, 2014

Soil is strong yet fragile, reliable yet unstable, and resilient yet susceptible to change.

These are all especially true when humans and...

group photo with Bill Shuster
December 18, 2014

Bill Shuster is a research hydrologist with the USEPA, based in Cincinnati, OH. He recently overheard his daughter explaining his work to her...

sprinklers running at Living Filter
December 08, 2014

Less than a mile from the edge of the bustling Penn State University campus lies 600 acres of cropland and forests crisscrossed with irrigation...

Biochar photo by Zach Dowell
November 26, 2014

Interest has never been higher in adding charcoal, or “biochar,” to agricultural systems, where it’s touted as a way to boost...