Women in Science Past Workshops

2016 Women in Science Workshop

The 2016 Women in Science Workshop was held at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix, November 8. The workshop featured a presentation by Michael S. Seaver - an executive coach and leadership consultant from Seaver Consulting LLC - a group activity, an in-depth look at leadership best practices, and inspirational stories of successful leaders. 

The workshop covered:

  • Styles of Leadership - There are seven styles of leadership - charismatic, participative, situation, transactional, transformational, quiet, and servant - each with certain personality traits of that leadership style.
  • Building Relationships - There are trust-building practices that help with opening lines of communication, managing time, sharing resources, and more.

View the Presentation here.

Special Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors - Monsanto and Bio Huma Netics - for supporting the Women in Science Workshop.
Bio Huma Netics and Monsanto

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