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Do you have an interest in soil science but may not be involved in the profession of soil science?  Want to keep up-to-date on SSSA - with a bi-weekly email delivered to your inbox?  Then become a "Friend of Soil Science."

The Friend of Soil Science is an opportunity for professionals and others who are interested in soils and soil science to get a snapshot of the science and SSSA.  You'll receive a bi-weekly "Newsflash" with information on SSSA, our activities, and other items of interest to the soil science profession, around the world.  We'll also send you occassional emails on activities of interest - such as the 2015 International Year of Soils and the associated monthly themes, activities and videos we have developed.  But, not to fear, we won't be filling up your inbox!  And, you can opt-out at any time.  Sign-up today and join others who want to be a Friend of Soil Science.

*Note that the Friend of Soil Science is not a membership and there are no associated benefits other than the delivery of the Newsflash.  If you would like to gain access to the many benefits of membership, view our Become a Member webpage and learn more.

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