New Member Q&A




Here are answers to questions frequently asked by new members. These are some of the easiest ways to put your membership to work for you. Remember, you can always contact us with any questions.

How do I get involved in the SSSA? There are many ways to become involved. Involvement will positively impact your career, enhance your network, and give you a voice in the future of the SSSA and our professions.

Early each year, all members receive an email requesting volunteers. Take time to review our opportunities, which include committee service, Division activities, or serving as a journal reviewer/editor (simply create an account in our manuscript submission system). Request an appointment by using the online form, or sending an email request. The president-elect makes appointments in the summertime, and terms generally begin at the beginning of the calendar year.

How do I connect with colleagues? Use the Membership Directory (login required) to locate colleagues by Society of membership, Communities, Divisions, or location.  In addition, with the Scientific Expertise Directory, you may self-select areas of expertise, search for colleagues with specific areas of expertise, and be available to the general public if they would like to connect with you.

Can you help me find my next job/next employee? Employees and employers alike can find what they're looking for at our Career Placement Center. Members looking for jobs may post a resume, search job listings, and find career resources. Employers looking for employees may advertise their open positions and search resume listings.

SSSA may also offer career development workshops and programs at the International Annual Meetings. Past topics have included: "Job Opportunities Outside Academia,” “Writing Manuscripts for Publication," and "Grant Writing Navigation."

How do I access scientific research? Access the latest scientific research in several ways -- through our journals, meetings, CSA News and the Digital Library.

Subscribe to any of our journals or the Digital Library at reduced member rates

SSSA members receive CSA News each month, which includes research summaries.

How can I make a difference in public policy? Your voice does make a difference! The Science Policy Office in Washington, DC, represents the views of our sciences before Congress, federal agencies, and other organizations. Activities focus on science policy leadership and initiatives, tracking policy issues, directing grassroots advocacy, and seeking opportunities for members to provide written and oral science-based information to policymakers. What makes it effective is the participation and personal perspective of our members, both as constituents and respected experts.

All members receive the bi-weekly email, Science Policy Report.  Visit our Science Policy pages for helpful links and more ways to get involved.

What awards, scholarships, and fellowships are available? Over 25 awards and scholarships, many with with monetary awards, are presented each year. Members nominate colleagues, students, and industry leaders for exceptional scientific achievements and service. View a complete list of the awards available. Nominations typically open in January.

I want to submit my manuscript for publication. What do I do? Visit our Publications page. It includes detailed information for authors including forms and resources, a style manual, helpful glossaries, instructions on how to submit manuscripts, and links to our journals.

How can I present or publish at the International Annual Meeting? Early in the year, the Society issues a call for papers for our International Annual Meeting. Check the News Flash and CSA News for the official announcement.

Abstracts may be submitted online and may include tables, charts, graphs, and images. Submission fees will be listed online. Presenters must register for the Annual Meetings. Authors have the opportunity for their oral/poster presentations to be included on our website. Oral presentations will be recorded and posters may be submitted electronically.

How do I access contact information for a division officer? Visit the About the Society page, and view the sections that include Society Officers, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors. You may access the Division Officer roster on the specific Division web pages.

When is my membership up for renewal? Your membership is active on your "anniversary" date - meaning it begins when you join and goes for one year.  It is effective on the day you join and you are able to access all of your benefits at that time.  You also receive a 30 day grace period at the end of your membership during which you are able to access your benefits.  Subscriptions also begin/renew on your anniversary date. 

I am a student - how long am I eligible for student membership?  Graduate students may hold the graduate student membership for 7 years (while they are a student) and undergraduate students may hold the undergraduate student membership for five years (again, assuming they are students).  Within the seven or five years, students may extend their membership one additional year after graduation, to assist with the transition to active membership.