Grow Our Membership

Refer a Colleague

Click to refer a colleagueOne member at a time, we can grow a healthier Society. One membership at a time, we can grow healthier careers for our colleagues. Participate in the "Member Get A Member" campaign and make the difference.

Chances are, at some point in your career one of your colleagues referred you for membership in SSSA. Ever since, you’ve reaped the benefits that membership brings. Now, you can help a colleague or student strengthen their career by recommending them for membership.

Growing our membership helps the SSSA serve you better, as well.  A bigger Society means a stronger profession, a larger knowledge base, more expertise to draw on, more benefits, and increased visibility and influence in our advocacy efforts.

Participate in the “Member Get A Member” campaign and you’ll be making a difference for your colleagues and SSSA.  To get started, complete the form to make your referrals.  We'll send them an email invitation on your behalf and let you know if they join.  It's that easy!


Ambassador Program

Through the Ambassador Program, dedicated and passionate members serve as key points of contact for membership information and exchange to prospective members (both professionals and students).  The program, developed and operated by the Membership and Society Identity Committee, is continuously developing information you can use to help us tell the story of our professions and the value of membership. 

Interested in the program?  Visit our Ambassador Program webpage and/or contact Susan Chapman, Director of Member Services via email or phone at 608-268-4951.