Soil Physics Links


Frank Casey (North Dakota State University)
The site contains information on recent NDSU soil physics and hydrology research. Frank also maintains the webpage of the W-2188 Regional Research Committee.

Jacob Dane (Auburn University)
Jacob's research focuses on the measurement and mathematical modeling of multiphase flow in porous media. Links to publications, research activities, and other sites.

Steve Evett (USDA-ARS, Bushland, TX)
This site contains executable code and documentation for the TACQ code (used for TDR data acquisition and interpretation), source and executable codes for ENWATBAL.BAS, and information on neutron probe, TDR, capacitance methods of soil water content measurement.

Jan Hopmans (University of California - Davis)
Jan's homepage contains links to his courses, publications, current research activities, and other related information.

Rainer Horn (Christian-Albrechts University Kiel - Germany)
The page contains a lot of interesting links to tillage and soil structure research, recent publications, and courses offered at the University of Kiel.

Nick Jarvis (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)
This site contains information on the Environmental Physics program, including model downloads, courses and research activities.

Scott Jones (Utah State University)
The site contains information on soil physics activities at Utah State University,
with links to the Environmental Soil Physics Group research projects, courses, and collaborations.

Jaehoon Lee (University of Tennessee)
This site contains information regarding the Soil and Environmental Physics program at the University of Tennessee.

Hui Hai Liu (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Hui Hai's research is focused on subsurface flow and transport, including fingering flow and transport of variable density contaminants in porous media, fractal-based characterization and simulation of subsurface heterogeneity, flow and transport in unsaturated fractured rock, and matrix diffusion and scale-dependence of the effective matrix diffusion coefficient.

Masura "Mizo" Mizoguchi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Mizo has also set up another page for the: Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology Program at The University of Tokyo

John Nimmo and Kim Perkins (USGS Menlo Park, CA)
This site describes research conducted through the Unsaturated Zone Flow Project of the USGS.

Tyson Ochsner (Oklahoma State University)
Tyson's site contains information on his research and recent articles of interest.

Dani Or (ETH Zurich)
Dani is working on hydraulic properties of partially saturated fractured porous media, models for pore space and liquid configuration in unsaturated porous media, and TDR systems.

Kurt Pennell (Tufts University)
Kurt is working on surfactant enhanced aquifer remediation, PCB bioavailability, and Cryptosporidium oocyst transport in unsaturated soils.

Ed Perfect (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)
The site contains information on Ed's research, teaching, publications and related links.

Suresh Rao (Purdue University)
Suresh's group is currently working on field demonstrations of cosolvent and surfactant flushing to remediation NAPL source zones.

David Radcliffe (University of Georgia)
David's site contains information on soil physics research at UGa and links to soil physics activities around the state.

John Selker (Oregon State University)
John's site contains his cv, research interests, publications and a link back to the Bioresearch Engineering Department.

Rick Lentz (USDA-ARS NW Irrigation & Soils Lab)
This site contains information on irrigation-induced erosion and mitigation practices, irrigation cropping production systems, and PAM use for irrigation induced erosion control and infiltration enhancement.

Markus Tuller (University of Arizona)
The site contains information on soil physics activities at the University of Arizona, with links to Markus' research projects, courses, and collaborations.

Rien van Genuchten (University of Rio de Janeiro)
This site contains information on Rien's background, his publications and activities that support the HYDRUS family of numerical models.

University of Sydney Soil Physics Web Page
This page contains information on soil physics courses offered at the University of Sydney, some teaching models can be downloaded along with course information.

University of California at Davis - Introductory Soil Physics - SSC 107
Dennis Rolston and Jan Hopmans. Includes course syllabus, lab manual, schedule etc in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat).

University of Guelph - Water and Solute/Contaminant Transport in Soils
David Elrick, Gary Parkin and David Fallow. The course focuses on analytical methods of soil physics, with interactive solutions using Matchcad (version 8.0 or higher) and traditional course notes in Adobe Acrobat (pdf files).

SOIL CHEMISTRY TEACHING SITES University of Delaware - Environmental Soil Chemistry -PLSC 608
Don Sparks

University of Hawaii - Introductory Soil Chemistry - Soil 430
Nguyen Hue. Contains internal links to course "chapters".

University of New Hampshire - Chemistry of Soils - Soil 702/802
Bob Harter. Excellent site-contains a course syllabus with links to topics, study questions, and other soil chemistry teaching sites.

University of Sheffield, England - Periodic Table: Mark Winter
Contains a detailed periodic table that allows you to click on each element.

Virginia Tech - ENSC/CSES 4734 Environmental Soil Chemistry
Matthew Eick. Course notes and interactive tutorials are available.


Soil Taxonomy
An excellent page maintained by Paul McDaniels. Series Descriptions for the U.S.

Soil Taxonomy
1996 version of "Keys to Soil Taxonomy". The whole text is there waiting for you to arrive.

Original list compiled by Markus Tuller, University of Arizona