Soil Physics and Hydrology Early Career Award


The Soil Physics and Hydrology Division calls for nominations for the 2017 Soil Physics and Hydrology Early Career Award to recognize scientists, who have made an outstanding contribution in Soil Physics and Hydrology within six years of completing the Ph.D. degree. Qualifications for the Soil Physics and Hydrology Early Career Award as well as detailed instructions for nominating candidates are provided below.

To apply, submit the complete nomination as single PDF document containing (i) nomination letter not to exceed two pages in length, (ii) supporting materials (see instructions below for format) that document the nominee’s qualifications, and (iii) three supporting letters not to exceed one page each. The deadline for receiving nomination is June 15, 2017. Please see the following PDF document for award description and nomination guidelines.

Award Description and Nomination Guidelines (PDF)

Past recipients of the Soil Physics and Hydrology Early Career Award


Asim Martine Martine Shoichiro Hamamoto Joshua Heitman
Asim Biswas

Nima Shokri

Martine van der Ploeg
Shoichiro Hamamoto
Joshua Heitman
 Navin Twarakavi  Naftali Lazarovitch  Tyson Ochsner  Alex Furman  Jasper Vrugt
Navin Twarakavi
Naftali Lazarovitch
Tyson Ochsner
Alex Furman
Jasper Vrugt
 Sander Huisman  David Robinson  Frank Casey  Markus Tuller  Ty Ferre
Sander Huisman
 David Robinson
 Frank Casey
Markus Tuller
  Ty Ferre



Nomination Guidelines


  1. Completion of Ph.D. degree in Soil Physics or closely related program within six years of the award date.
  2. Active member of the Soil Science Society of America.
  3. Evidence of quality teaching at the undergraduate and/or graduate levels if in a teaching position.
  4. Evidence of effectiveness in extension and/or outreach activities.
  5. Evidence of significant contribution of original basic and/or applied research in soil physics.
  6. Contributions to the public, professional organizations, and institutions.

Nomination materials will include:

  1. A nomination letter, not to exceed two pages, signed by the nominator that includes a narrative explaining why the nominee is qualified to receive the award.
  2. Supporting materials in the following format that document qualifications:
    • Title: Nomination of (nominee’s name) for the Soil Physics Early Career Award
    • Nominee: Include name, complete mailing address, phone number, and email address.
    • Qualifications:
  1. Education (degree received, date awarded, institution, major professor)
  2. Professional Experience (position title, dates held, institution)
  3. Teaching Contributions (% of appointment)
    1. Courses taught
    2. Advising activities (undergraduate and graduate students)
    3. Evidence of teaching effectiveness (awards, evaluations)
    4. Other (teaching grants/proposals or education publications)
  4. Extension and Outreach Contributions (% of appointment)
    1. Extension activities
    2. Outreach activities
    3. Evidence of effectiveness (awards, recognition received)
    4. Other (extension/outreach grants or proposals and publications)
  5. Research Contributions (% of appointment)
    1. Past accomplishments and impact
    2. Publications (list in citation form all publications by category, i.e. refereed, chapters, proceedings, …)
    3. Grants (proposals written and grants received)
    4. Awards or recognition received
    5. Other related research activities or accomplishments
  6. Contributions to the Public or Profession
    1. Membership in professional societies
    2. Service to professional societies
    3. Service to institutions or government agencies
    4. Service to society or general public (community contributions)

3. Supporting letters. Include three supporting letters, not to exceed one page each, solicited by and sent to the nominator. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible to write supporting letters. One copy of each letter must be attached to the nomination materials.

Nomination Process

Candidates are to be nominated by an active member of the Soil Science Society of America. Copies of nomination materials are to be sent to the Chair of the Early Career Award Committee. Materials will not be returned and unsuccessful nominations may be resubmitted the following year. It is expected that the winner of the Early Career Award is attending the SSSA meeting to receive the award in person and will be give the opportunity for an oral presentation during the annual meeting. Nominators should therefore strongly encourage the nominees to attend the SSSA meeting.

Evaluation and Selection Process

The Soil Physics and Hydrology Division Early Career Award Committee will consist of four members; three appointed from the Soil Physics and Hydrology Division membership and the previous Soil Physics and Hydrology Division Chair. Each appointed committee member will serve a three-year term, and will function as the Committee Chair in her/his third year of service. At the annual meetings, one new committee member will be appointed by the incoming Division Chair, in consultation with committee members. The outgoing Division Chair will automatically join the committee, along with the two continuing members and the newly appointed member. The committee will evaluate nominations and submit their recommendation to the current Division Chair before the annual meetings. Those serving on the committee are not eligible for the award. Committee members will remove themselves from discussions and will not rank nominees with whom they have co-authored papers, served as their major professor (advisor), or served on their graduate committee (M.S. and/or Ph.D.). The award will be presented at the annual Soil Physics and Hydrology Division Business Meeting.

Nominations not adhering to the above format, including page limits, will not be considered eligible .