Soil and Water Management and Conservation - Officers, Duties

The five elected officers of the Division are as follows:




Representative to the SSSA and ASA Boards of Directors (Board Rep.)

Liaison to SWCS


The actual term of office for the Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair is for one year; however, it is a progressive term of responsibility lasting for a total of three years since officers automatically progress from Chair-Elect to Chair to Past-Chair in succeeding years after election. TheBoard Rep and theLiaison to the SWCS serve concurrent three-year terms. The respective terms begins and ends at the termination of the annual meeting. For example, the current chair takes office at the end of the annual meeting and serves through the following annual meeting, at which time their position as Chair terminates and they start their new term as Past-Chair.



  1. Schedule time, arrange agenda, and conduct divisional business meeting at the SSSA annual meeting.
  2. In preparation for the annual divisional meeting; request and collect oral, poster or symposium papers; accept or reject each paper offered for technical sessions or arrange to have the paper presented in another division; arrange papers in a coordinated program and collect abstracts of papers to be presented; arrange symposia and field trips when appropriate.
  3. Transmit abstracts and prepared program for the S6 annual divisional meeting to the SSSA President-Elect on or before the designated date.
  4. Serve as a member of the S711 Program Planning Committee.
  5. Participate (nonvoting) in the SSSA Board of Directors Meeting.
  6. Chair the Division Business Meeting.
  7. Coordinate with Past-Chair the nominations and elections of candidates for Chair-Elect (annually) and Representative to the SSSA Board of Directors (every three years). Also, coordinate with Past-Chair the nomination and election of Division Liaison to SWCS. Nominations are due at Headquarters by early February each year.
  8. Submit an annual summary report of division activities to the SSSA Board, as requested.
  9. Respond to requests by SSSA Officers during the year relating to soil and water conservation.
  10. Serve on the SSSA Nomination Committee (S101) to elect SSSA President.
  11. Coordinate with Chair of Howard Taylor Lectureship any activities related to sponsorship of this award.



  1. Assist division Chair in appropriate ways, including organization of the division's technical program and business meeting at the Annual SSSA Meeting.
  2. Succeed as division Chair in the event the current Chair is unable to serve.
  3. Request possible symposia topics from members and/or plan selected symposia for one year hence.
  4. Attend the SSSA Board of Directors Meeting (Recommended).
  5. Participate in the S711 Program Planning Committee Meeting to plan SSSA annual meeting for the year the Chair-Elect is to serve.
  6. Take minutes of the Division Business Meeting and forward to the Chair.


Past Chair:


  1. Serve as Chair of the division's Nomination Committee for selection of candidates for Chair-Elect, Representative to the SSSA Board of Directors, and the Liaison to SWCS. Respond to requests by SSSA Officers during the year relating to soil and water conservation.
  2. Participate as a voting member in the SSSA Board of Directors Meeting.
  3. Serves as Chair for Young Scholar Award with the two previous Past Chairs. Award nomination packages are due to Chair at same time as Tri-Society Awards deadlines.
  4. Provide leadership in the nomination and selection of the Division Liaison to SWCS (Three year term concurrent with Division Board Rep.).
  5. Facilitates joint program activities with SWCS in coordination with the Chair and the Liaison to SWCS.
  6. Serve as Rapid Response contact person for the Division.


Divisional Representative to the SSSA and ASA Boards of Directors:

  1. Represent division at the SSSA and ASA Boards of Directors meeting.
  2. Present a report, both oral and written, of SSSA and ASA Board activities and actions at the annual business meeting of the division.
  3. Report at Division Business Meeting on Board action (Monday) and items of interest.
  4. Obtain consensus of members at the Division Business Meeting on topics that will be discussed at the Board Meeting at the end of the week (Thursday).
  5. Take forward to the Board topics of concern identified by the membership in the Division Business Meeting.
  6. Update the web page as appropriate.


Division Liaison to SWCS:

  1. Coordinate with the Chair and Past-Chair all joint activities between the Division and S&WCS, including joint symposia at SSSA Annual Meetings and SWCS Annual Meetings.



Past Officers

Chair Board Rep Div. Tech. Editor SWCS Liaision
2012  Jeff Strock  Harold van Es  Brian Wienhold  Jorge Delgado
2011  Mark Liebig  Harold van Es  Brian Wienhold  Jorge Delgado
2010  Harry Schomberg  Harold van Es  Seth Dabney  Jorge Delgado
2009  Neil Hansen  Harold van Es  Seth Dabney  Jorge Delgado
2008  Brian Wienhold  Diane Stott  Seth Dabney  Jorge Delgado
2007  Ted Zobeck  Diane Stott  Seth Dabney Jorge Delgado
2006  Tom Kaspar  Diane Stott  Seth Dabney  Warren Busscher
2005  Diane Stott  Doug Karlen  James Bauder  Warren Busscher
2004  Jorge Delgado  Doug Karlen  James Bauder  Warren Busscher
2003  Gary (Pete) Peterson  Doug Karlen  James Bauder  Warren Busscher
2002  Bob Sojka  Tommy Daniel  James Bauder  Warren Busscher
2001  Wayne Reeves  Tommy Daniel  James Bauder  Warren Busscher
2000  Harold van Es  Tommy Daniel  James Bauder  Jerry Lemunyon
1999  Jessica Davis    Bob Sojka  
1998      Bob Sojka  
1997      Bob Sojka  


Past Committee Chairs

Graduate Student
Best Paper

Young Scholar

2012  Jerry Lemunyon  Clark Gantzer  Maysoon Mikha  Mark Liebig
2011  Jerry Lemunyon  Clark Gantzer  Jane Johnson  Harry Schomberg
   Speech Contest      
2010  Steven Green  Clark Gantzer  Jeff Strock  Neil Hansen
2009  Steven Green  Clark Gantzer  Jeff Strock  Brian Wienhold
2008  Steven Green  Clark Gantzer  Jeff Strock  Ted Zobeck
2007  Neil Hansen  Clark Gantzer  Diane Stott / Jeff Strock  Tom Kaspar
2006  Neil Hansen  Ken Potter    Diane Stott
2005  Neil Hansen  Ken Potter    Jorge Delgado
2004  Brenton Sharrat  Ken Potter  Jorge Delgado  Gary Peterson
2003  Brenton Sharrat  Tom Kaspar    
2002  Brenton Sharrat  Tom Kaspar    
2001  Brenton Sharrat  Tom Kaspar    
2000  Brenton Sharrat  Mike Cox