Graduate Student Award

The Graduate Student Award is presented each year to a graduate student whose thesis research and graduate responsibilities utilize creative approaches to gain understanding and develop solutions for soil and water conservation and management problems. The recipient's research must be in soil and water management and conservation. The $350 award is designed to assist the student with travel expenses associated with attending the annual SSSA meeting.


Graduate Student Award Recipients

2014  Maninder Walla, The Ohio State University
2013  Hossein Sadeghi, Washington State University
2012  Emma Witt, University of Kentucky
2011  Asim Biswas, University of Saskatchewan
2010  Josh Werts, Clemson University
2009  Kendall DeJong, Colorado State Universtiy
2008  Michael Mulvaney, Auburn University, AL
2007  Pingping Jiang, University of Missouri
2006  Holly Dolliver, University of Minnesota
2005  Krisztina Eleki, Iowa State University
2004  Adriane Elliott, Colorado State University
2003  Karolein Denef, Colorado State University
2001  Stuart Grandy, Michigan State University
2000  Martin Diaz-Zorita, University of Kentucky


Graduate Student Award Committee: Clark Gantzer (Chair), Humberto Blanco, Abbey Wick