Northeastern Branch 2005 Meeting Information

2005 Northeastern Branch Annual Meeting

10-13 July, 2005

Storrs, CT


The 2005 Annual Meeting of the ASA and SSSA Northeastern Branch was held in Storrs, Connecticut from July 10-13. Of note, the planning committee organized an interesting symposium on the "Effect of Climate Change on Northeast Agriculture." Symposium topics included:

  • Evidence of Climate Change in the Northeastern United States,
  • Climate Change Impacts on NE Agriculture and Farmer Adaptation,
  • Weed Ecology and Weed Control in a High CO2 World,
  • Agricultural Carbon Sequestration: Practical and Policy Issues, and
  • Climate Change and Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities for Extension.


Additional activities included a Graduate Student Paper Session, targeted sessions in both crops and soils, poster sessions, tours and awards. The meeting presentations are being provided to all interested members as a way to disseminate our sciences.

2005 Meeting Presentations

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Thomas Morris

Northeastern Branch President