Soil's Role in Restoring Ecosystem Services Presentations

Friday, March 7, 2014

Keynote Address
Ecosystem Services in Agricultural Systems Viewed through a Provisioning Lens. Kenneth G. Cassman*, University of Nebraska

Keynote Address
Soil Resilience and Climate Change. Rattan Lal*, The Ohio State University

Food, Energy and Water Security 1A

Soil Based Ecosystem Services Following Land-Use Changes from Forestry to Agriculture; Future Research Opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador. Adrian Unc*1, Mumtaz Cheema1, Raymond Thomas1 and Vanessa Kavanagh2, (1)Memorial University of Newfoundland, (2)Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources

Measuring Subsidence in a Degraded Peat Soil: Nitrogen Mineralization Under Rice Cultivation. Emilie Kirk*, Chris van Kessel and Bruce A. Linquist, University of California-Davis

Tightly-Coupled Plant-Soil Nitrogen Cycling and Crop Productivity on Contrasting Organic Farms Across an Intensively-Managed Agricultural Landscape. Timothy M. Bowles* and Louise E Jackson, UC Davis

Correlating Soil Microbial Properties with Crop Yields in the Canadian Prairies: Two Case Studies. Newton Z. Lupwayi*1, Francis J. Larney1, Robert E. Blackshaw2, Kenneth Neil Harker2 and John T. O'Donovan1, (1)Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, (2)Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Rhizosphere Engineering to Promote Drought Tolerance in Winter Wheat. Mary E. Stromberger*1, Tiffany Weir1, Patrick Byrne1, Daniel K. Manter2 and Asma Elamari1, (1)Colorado State University, (2)USDA-ARS

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation 2A

Improved Management Practice to Enhance Dryland Crop Yields and Environmental Quality. Upendra M Sainju*, USDA-ARS

Iron: The Forgotten Driver of Nitrous Oxide Production in Agricultural Soil. Xia Zhu*1, Timothy Doane2, Lucas Silva1 and William R. Horwath3, (1)UCDavis, (2)University of California, (3)University of California Davis

Quantifying the Contribution of Plants and Soils to CH4 Fluxes and Net Seasonal N2o Emissions in an Agricultural Wetland. Jennifer Morris*, Lucas C.R. Silva, Rongzhong Ye and William R. Horwath, University of California-Davis

Is It Possible to Achieve Goals of Water Saving, Warming Mitigation Potential without Rice Yield Loss Under Limited Irrigation in Paddy Field? Ming Zhan*, Huazhong Agricultual University

Large Effects of Land Use Conversion on C Storage in Dry Forest Ecosystems from Southern South America. Georgina Conti*1, Natalia Pérez Harguindeguy1, Fabien Quétier2, Pedro Jaureguiberry1, Gustavo A. Bertone1 and Sandra Díaz1, (1)Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biologia Vegetal, (2)Biotope

Food, Energy and Water Security 1B

Soil Data and Interpretations for Applications in Food and Water Security. Maxine J. Levin*1, Steve Peasley2, Robert Dobos2 and Cathy A. Seybold1, (1)USDA-NRCS, (2)USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Phosphorus Sorption Dynamics in Andisols from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Emily Carlson* and Eliška Rejmánková, University of California, Davis

Long-Term Cover Crop Effects on Soil Hydraulic Properties, Nitrate Leaching, and Crop Water Use. Martin Burger*1, Ahmad Moradi2, Matthew R. Dumlao3, Guihua Chen4, Juan Wang1, Wendy K. Silk3, William R. Horwath1, Jan W. Hopmans3 and Wesley Wallender1, (1)University of California Davis, (2)University of California, (3)University of California-Davis, (4)The University of Maryland

Coupled Control of Land Use and Topography on Suspended Sediment Dynamics in an Agriculture-Forest Dominated Watershed. CHUNYING WANG*, Ryusuke Hatano and Kanta Kuramochi, Hokkaido University

Physical Property Remediation of Soils for Stormwater Control. Richard A. McLaughlin*, Fatemeh Mohammadshirazi, Virginia Brown and joshua heitman, North Carolina State University

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation 2B

Precision Zonal Management Creates within-Field Zones of Functional Specialization: Evidence from on-Farm Sites in the US Corn Belt. Anthony Yannarell1, Patrick Ewing*2, Nicholas Jordan2, Adam Davis3, David Mortensen4, Roger T Koide5, Stuart Grandy6, Richard Smith6, Sieglinde S. Snapp7, Kurt A. Spokas3, Amanda Daly6, Meng Li1, Lesley Atwood6, Daniel Kane7and Yi Lou1, (1)University of Illinois, (2)University of Minnesota, (3)USDA-ARS, (4)The Pennsylvania State University, (5)Brigham Young University, (6)University of New Hampshire, (7)Michigan State University

A Quick Assessment of Soil Conditions through Focus Group Discussions, Participatory Rural Appraisals, and Soil Sampling in the Mid-Hills Region of Nepal. Durga D. Poudel*, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

The Effect of Bulk Density and Soil Water Content on N2O Emission from Agriculture Soil. Mengjie Li*, Mariko Shimizu and Ryusuke Hatano, Hokkaido University

Effect of Long-Term Application of Fertilizers and Manures on Methane Emission during Rice Cultivation. Harmanjit Singh Dhadli*, Punjab Agriculture University

Food, Energy and Water Security 1C

Utilizing LEAF to Increase Biomass Feedstock Supplies from Agricultural Land. Douglas L. Karlen*, USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment and David J. Muth Jr., Praxik Analytics LLC

Alteration of Nitrogen Retention and Soil Carbon with the Establishment of Bioenergy Cropping Systems in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley. Hal O. Liechty*, University of Arkansas and Michael Blazier, LSU Agcenter

Influence of Establishing Short-Rotation Woody Crops on Short-Term Net Ecosystem Productivity on Sharkey Shrink-Swell Clay Soils. Wilson Hood*, Louisiana Tech University

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation 2C

Agricultural Geo-Engineering; Past, Present & Future. Erich J. Knight*, Shenandoah Gardens

The Impacts of Biochar on Soil Nutrient Leaching in the Context of Extreme Hydrological Processes. Daoyuan Wang*1, Kate M. Scow1, Deirdre E. Griffin1, Sanjai J. Parikh1, Denghua Yan2 and Hao Wang2, (1)University of California-Davis, (2)China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research

Can Biochar Soil Amendments Enhance the Carbon Storage in Forest Soils?. Maya Buelow*, UC DAVIS and Sanjai J. Parikh, University of California-Davis

Biochar As a Nexus for Soil, Climate, Water and Forest Management in the Rocky Mountains: Three Case Studies in Mine Reclamation. Morgan Williams*, University of California, Berkeley

Poster Sessions

Food, Energy and Water Security

   1          Soil Quality Assessment Methods for Healthy Soil & Sustainable Food Production. Kefyalew Girma Desta*, Washington State University

   3          Short-Term Impacts of Fertilizer Addition on Soil Aggregate Composition and Microbial Populations in Conventional and Organic Farming
 Radomir Schmidt*, Fungai N.D. Mukome, Sanjai J. Parikh and Kate M. Scow, University of California-Davis

   5          Impacts of N Fertilizer Addition to Soil C and N Dynamics in Conventional and Organic Farming Systems. Fungai N.D. Mukome*, Laura Emberson,
               Martha Sayre, Radomir Schmidt, Kate M. Scow and Sanjai J. Parikh, University of California-Davis

   7          Initial Soil Quality Impacts the Agronomic Performance of Biochar. Morgan Williams*, University of California, Berkeley

   9          Differences in Soil Texture and Roots Influence C Storage through Impacts on Microbial Enzyme Activities Across a Heterogeneous
 Todd A Ontl*1, Sarah Hargreaves2, Lisa A Schulte2, Cynthia A. Cambardella3 and Randall K. Kolka4, (1)Michigan Technological University,
              (2)Iowa State University, (3)USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment, (4)USDA Forest Service (FS)

  11        A Tool for Predicting Fate and Transport of Microbial and Chemical Contaminants in Managed Aquifer Recharge Systems. Mengistu 
              Geza*, Julia Regnery and Jorg Drewes, Colorado School of Mines

Soil and Human Health

  13        Optimizing Nitrogen Rates in the Midwestern United States for Maximum Ecosystem Value. Patrick Ewing* and Bryan Runck, University of Minnesota

  15        Cation Exchange Capacity: Its Context As an Integral Component of Soil Characterisation. Rajendra Prasad Uprety*, University of Aberdeen

  17        Assessment of the Treatability of Chromite ORE Processing Residue (COPR) with Calcium Polysulfide. Chidinma Anunike* and Graeme Paton,
               University of Aberdeen

  19        Restoring the Origin. Arturo Curiel*, Universidad de Guadalajara

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

  21      Depth Stratification of Soil Organic Matter As an Indicator of Multiple Ecosystem Services. Alan J Franzluebbers*, USDA

  23        Contribution of Liquid Manure and Inorganic Fertilizers to the Production of N2 O in Dairy Forage Production Systems. Cristina Lazcano*, William R.
               Horwath and Martin Burger, University of California Davis

  25        Influence of Variable Soil Carbon on CH4 and N2O Emissions from Rice Fields. Rongzhong Ye*1, Jennifer Morris1, Timothy Doane2 and William R.
              Horwath3, (1)University of California-Davis, (2)University of California, (3)University of California Davis

  27        Quantifying Water Balance-Carbon Storage Relationships Using Oxygen Isotope Ratios of Plant Lipids. Toby M. Maxwell*, Lucas CR Silva, Gabriel
              Pedroso, Timothy A. Doane, Fungai N.D. Mukome and William R. Horwath, University of California Davi

  29      Deriving Alaska Carbon Stocks from SSURGO Data. Susan B. Southard*1, Shawn Nield1 and Mark H. Clark2, (1)USDA-NRCS, (2)
                University of Alaska-Fairbanks

  31        Enhancement of Microbial Community Recovery Following a High Intensity Forest Fire. Claire D. Wilkin*, The University of Wyoming and Stephen E.
               Williams, University of Wyoming

  33        Impacts of Precipitation Change and Nutrient Addition on Soil Enzyme Activities Across a Habitat Productivity Gradient. Kelly Gravuer*1, Joy
              Cookingham1, Anu M. Eskelinen2 and Susan Harrison1, (1)University of California, Davis, (2)University of California, Davis and University of Oulu, Finland

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Keynote Address
Urban Soils and Their Potential to Provide Ecosystem Services. Richard V. Pouyat*, U.S. Forest Service

Keynote Address
Accounting for the Value of Nature: Assessing and Valuing Ecosystem Services. Stephen Polasky*, University of Minnesota

Biodiversity and Ecological Sustainability 3A

Deploying a Transect to Assess Soil Biodiversity and Ecological Function Across Europe. Dote Stone*1, Rachel Creamer1, Philippe Lemanceau2, José Paulo Sousa3, Rüdiger Schmelz4, Niels Bohse Hendriksen5, Emilia Hannula6 and Robert Griffiths7, (1)Teagasc, (2)INRA, (3)Universidade de Coimbra, (4)Universidad de A Coruña, (5)Aarhus University, (6)Netherlands Institute of Ecology, (7)Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Plant Species Impact the Suite of Ecosystem Services Provided Seasonally in California's Grasslands. Valerie Eviner*1, Joanne Heraty1, Jill Baty2, Carolyn Malmstrom3and Kevin Rice1, (1)UC Davis, (2)UC Davus, (3)Michigan State U.

Unprecedented Carbon Accumulation in Mined Soils: The Synergistic Effect of Resource Input and Plant Species Invasion. Lucas Silva*1, Rodrigo Corrêa2, Timothy Doane1, Engil Isadora Pujol Pereira1 and William R. Horwath3, (1)University of California, (2)University of Brasilia, (3)University of California Davis

Assessment and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services 4A

Quantifying Soil Natural Capital and Trade-Offs in Ecosystem Services from Soiltrec and GB Countryside Survey. Aidan Keith*1, David A Robinson2, Jack Cosby2, Lindsay Maskell1 and Bridget Emmett2, (1)NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, (2)NERC-Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Functional Soil Planning: Managing Soil Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Food Production. Rachel Creamer1, Rogier PO Schulte1, Cait Coyle2 and Dote Stone*1, (1)Teagasc, (2)IT Sligo

Monitoring Soil-Based Ecosystem Services: A Landscape-Scale Approach for Heterogeneous Landscapes. Sean Patrick Kearney*1, Edwin Garcia2, Rolando Barillas3, Steven J Fonte2, Aracely Castro2, Kai M.A. Chan1, Nicholas C Coops1 and Sean M. Smukler1, (1)University of British Columbia, (2)CIAT, (3)The Earth Institute, Columbia University

Biodiversity and Ecological Sustainability 3B

Soil Structure Affects Seasonal Microbial Activity in Restored Grassland Agroecosystems. Elizabeth M Bach* and Kirsten Hofmockel, Iowa State University

Restoring Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in Agroecosystems: Oats (Avena sativa) Shows Promise As a Cover Crop. Michael Lehman*, Wendy Taheri and Shannon Osborne, USDA-ARS

Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiotic Interaction with Roots on Plant Growth and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under Changing Moisture Regimes. Cristina Lazcano*1, Felipe H Barrios-Masias2 and Louise E Jackson1, (1)University of California Davis, (2)University of California-Davis

Controlling Soil Ecosystem Services Via Soil Cover in Orchards. Gil Eshel*1, Roey Egozi1, Marcelo Sternberg2, Moshe Coll3, Shaked Eshet3, Eran Raveh4, Ahamed Nasser4, Alex Furman5, Yonatan Avrams6, Yoel Drishpoun7 and Dafna M. DiSegni2, (1)Soil Erosion Research Station, Ministry Of Agriculture & Rural Development, (2)Tel Aviv University, (3)The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, (4)Agricultural Research Organization, (5)Technion, (6)Ministry of Agriculture and rural development, (7)Mehadrin, LTD

Assessment and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services 4B

Evaluating Potential Indicators of Ecosystem Processes Across Local Gradients in a Temperate Grassland. Kurt O. Reinhart* and Lance Vermeire, USDA-ARS

An Ecosystem Services Approach to the Evaluation of Soil Conservation Policy in New Zealand Hill Country. Estelle Jeanne Dominati* and Alec D. Mackay, AgResearch

Economics of Soil "Ecosystem" Services: Roadblocks and Possible Solutions. Philippe C. Baveye*1, John Gowdy1 and Jacques R.J.G. Baveye2, (1)Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, (2)FPS Finance

Biodiversity and Ecological Sustainability 3C

Performance of Coffee Seedlings As Affected By Soil Moisture and Nitrogen Application. Alveiro Salamanca-Jimenez*, University of California, Davis and William R. Horwath, University of California Davis

Soil Nutrient Stocks and Litter Input in Primary Forest Under Selective Logging, Brazilian Amazonia. Barbara De Oliveira Bomfim*1, William R. Horwath1, Lucas C Silva1, Reginaldo Sergio Pereira2 and Alcides Gatto2, (1)University of California Davis, (2)Universidade de Brasilia

How Can Field Margins Play a Role in Soil Erosion Control during Monsoon Season. Hamada Elsayed Ali*, University of Bayreuth

Effect of Field Margin Management and Slope on Sediment Trapping during the Monsoon Season in South Korea. Hamada Elsayed Ali* and Björn Reineking, University of Bayreuth

Poster Sessions

Biodiversity and Ecological Sustainability

   2          Slope Orientation and Soil Particle Size Determine the Soil Microbial Community in Desert Ecosystem. Yosef Steinberger*1, Rachel Ehrlich1, Michael
                Schloter2 and Stefanie Schulz3, (1)Bar Ilan University, (2)Environmental Genomics of Helmholtz Zentrum, (3)Research Unit for Environmental Genomics of
                Helmholtz Zentrum

   4          Drivers of Soil Microbial Community Composition and Diversity. Kayla Norene Burns*1, Kerri L. Steenwerth2, Daniel A. Kluepfel2, Dario Cantu1, Nicholas A.
               Bokulich1, Rachel F. Greenhut2 and Olivia T. Yu1, (1)University of California, Davis, (2)USDA-ARS Crops Pathology and Genetics Research Unit

   6          The Impact of a Shifting Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal Community on Native Plant Performance and Carbon Cycling. Janina Dierks* and Marie-Anne
                de Graaff, Boise State University

   8          Extensive Microbial Processing of Atmospheric Nitrate Inputs Along a Nitrogen Deposition Gradient. Lucy Rose* and Emily Elliott, University of

  10        Ants As Indicators of Land Use and Soil-Based Ecosystem Services in Agroecosystems of the Colombian Llanos. Catalina Sanabria, International
              Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Patrick Lavelle, Institute of Research for Development (IRD) and Steven Fonte*, University of California, Davis

  12        Pedogenesis of Ant-Colonized Soils at Doolittle Prairie State Preserve, Iowa. Mary Lee Tiedeman* and C. Lee Burras, Iowa State University

  28        Fast Carbon Turnover after Logging in the Semi-Arid Chaco Forest (Argentina)Esteban Kowaljow, Georgina Conti*, Natalia Pérez Harguindeguy and
              Sandra Díaz, Instituto Multidisciplinario de Biologia Vegetal

  30        Carbon Pools in Floodplain Soils Undergoing Restoration: Potential for Deep Carbon Sequestration. Rebekah Vaughn Davis*1, Garrett Liles2, Christine M.
               Stockert1, Andrew Nichols1, Joshua Viers3 and David Smart1, (1)University of California, Davis, (2)UC-Davis, (3)University of California, Merced

  32        Soil Nitrate Following Biofuel Feedstock Grasses and Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest. Kefyalew Girma Desta* and Troy Peters, Washington State

  34        The effects of compost applications on soil chemistry, greenhouse gas emissions, and the microbial ecosystem in a medium-useturfgrass setting.
               Vytas Pabedinskas*1, Virginia Rich1, Joost van Haren1, Katerina Dontsova1, Troy Hollar2, Bree Rodriguez1 and Maya Laura Cross-Killingsworth1,
              (1)University of Arizona, (2)Merlin Organics

  36        Broadening Student Involvement in Research and Extension of Rangeland Soil Ecosystem Services. Anthony Toby O'Geen*, Felipe Andres Aburto,
              Amanda D'Elia, Mark Felice, Deirdre E. Griffin, Devin Rippner, Gordon L. Rees, Wilson Salls, Kate M. Scow, Zhiyuan Tian and Hannah Waterhouse, University of

Urban Soil Ecology and Ecosystem Services

  14        Biotic and Abiotic Drivers of Decomposition Rates in Urban Soils: A Proof of Concept for a Global Experimental Network. Katalin Szlavecz*1, Richard V.
               Pouyat2, Ian Yesilonis3, Heikki Setala4, Johan Kotze4, Elisabeth Hornung5, Sarel Cilliers6, Stephanie Ann Yarwood7, Miklos Dombos8 and Csaba Csuzdi9,
               (1)Johns Hopkins University, (2)U.S. Forest Service, (3)USDA Forest Service, (4)University of Helsinki, (5)Szent Istvan University, (6)University of
               Potchefstroom, (7)University of Maryland, (8)Soil Science Research Institute HAS, (9)Karoly Eszterhazy College

  16        Can Brake Ferns (Pteris vittata) Efficiently Remediate Urban Soils Contaminated with Arsenic? Optimizing Phytoremediation through Fertilizer
Sarick Matzen*1, Anders Olson2 and Céline Pallud1, (1)UC Berkeley, (2)Santa Fe Right-of-Way Community Partnership

Soil Economics 101: Evaluation of Ecosystem Services

  24        Predictors of Nitrogen-Fixing Activity Across a Local Gradient in Fire History for a Temperate Semiarid Grassland. Marnie Rout1, Lance Vermeire2 and 
              Kurt O. Reinhart*2, (1)University of North Texas Health Science Center, (2)USDA-ARS

  26     Potential Ecosystem Services of Free-Living, Nitrogen-Fixing Bacteria in Land Reclamation.   Rosemary Mangubat Gutierrez*1, Claudia Macarena 
            Rojas-Alvarado2, Xin Peng2 and Mary Ann V. Bruns2, (1)University of the Philippines Baguio, (2)Pennsylvania State University


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Keynote Address
 Our Dependence on Soil Biodiversity for Sustaining Ecosystem Services.  Diana H. Wall*, Colorado State University, Richard D. Bardgett, University of Manchester, Wim H. van der Putten, Netherlands Institute of Ecology and Centre for Soil Ecology, Kelly S. Ramirez, School of Global Environmental Sustainability and Johan Six, ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich)