2013 Annual Meeting

The Soil Science Society of America, in conjunction with the American Society of Agronomy and Crop Science Society of America will host more than 4,000 scientists, professionals, educators, and students at the 2013 International Annual Meetings: "Water, Food, Energy & Innovation for a Sustainable World."

The meetings will take place on Nov. 3-6, 2013 at the Tampa Convention Center and Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa, FL.

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2013 Annual Meeting Keynote/Plenary Speakers

Alan Atkisson

Opening Keynote

Alan AtKisson is a strategic consultant, author, and speaker with more than 20 years of international experience in sustainability innovation and leadership.

Colin Chartres

SSSA Plenary/Nyle C. Brady Frontiers of Soil Science Lectureship

Colin Chartres is past director of CGIAR's International Water Management Institute (IWMI). The SSSA Cross-Divisional Symposium will follow his talk.

Damian Mason

Closing Keynote

Damian Mason is a comedian whose specialty is "humor for the heart of agriculture."

2013 Annual Meeting Agronomic Science Foundation speakers


This year’s ASA, CSSA, SSSA Annual Meetings in Tampa promise to be an exciting event with a variety of thought-provoking presentations, stimulating activities, and great networking opportunities. The Annual Meetings Planning Committee has developed a 4-fold conference guide to Topical Themes. The symposia and tours identified by theme are just a sampling of the breadth and depth of the science and information that will be presented at the Annual Meetings. Share this with your friends and colleagues.

Annual Meetings Topical Themes (pdf). This four-fold brochure is printable on 11" x 17" paper. After printing, fold brochure in half and then in half again.

Having trouble printing the brochure? Printers are set up differently but these tips may be helpful. After clicking 'print' click under 'properties,' check the following settings:

  • Paper size should be selected to 11" x 17"
  • Paper orientation should be landscape.
  • 2-sided printing should have short edge binding selected.

2013 Tours

Soil-Geomorphic Relations of Florida: From Terrestrial to Subaqueous Tour 

Saturday, Nov. 2, 7:30 am to Sunday, Nov. 3, 5:00 pm
Sponsored by S-880 Soil Geomorphology Committee
Tour starts at hotel in Gainesville, FL and ends at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL
This two day tour will cover soils of Florida across geomorphic surfaces from a mid-peninsula Plio-Pleistocene marine terrace to subaqueous environments of the Gulf coast. A range of hydrologic settings (to include a karst window) and plant communities will be represented. Soil-landscape relations along subtle topographic gradients within marine terraces as well as stark soil and geomorphic contrasts between terraces will be shown. The tour will document the genetic, compositional, morphological, and interpretive diversity of sandy coastal plain soils. Relevance of regional soils for risk assessment of highly vulnerable Florida water resources will be a point of emphasis. An overarching goal of the tour is to convey an appreciation for the subtle but elegant beauty, complexity, and mystery of Florida soils and landscape.

Contact: Willie Harris, apatite@ufl.edu


  • $445 ($475 after Sept. 17). Includes two nights of hotel, double occupancy. We will reserve your room and match you with a roommate.
  • $595 ($625 after Sept. 17) Includes two nights of hotel, single occupancy. We will reserve your room.
  • Please contact sphelps@sciencesocieties.org if you'd prefer to make and pay for your own hotel arrangements in Gainesville.

Everglades Wetlands Tour

Saturday, Nov. 2, 7:15 am to 10:00 pm
Sponsored by Wetland Soils Division
Tour starts at a hotel in Miami, FL and ends at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL
The tour includes stops at Everglades National Park and the Everglades Research & Education Center. Activities start at Shark Valley Visitors Center and include a 2-hour tram tour of a fifteen-mile loop into the "River of Grass," which provides a great opportunity to see wildlife, plants, and soils, and learn about the freshwater Everglades ecosystem. Short hikes are available into the Everglades. The second stop is a 55-minute airboat ride at Loxahatchee Everglades to get an up-close view of wetland marshes and wildlife. The third stop is a field tour showing Histosoils at the Everglades Research & Education Center near Belle Glade, FL. Participants will learn about cropping systems on organic soils and will be able to view farmed organic soils. Tour fee includes your hotel costs in Miami.  Meals are not included.  We will stop at areas with multiple restaurant options.

Contact: Todd Osborne, 352-256-3826, osbornet@ufl.edu


  • $385 ($415 after Sept. 17) Includes one night hotel in Miami, double occupancy. We will reserve your room and match you with a roommate.
  • $500 ($530 after Sept. 17) Includes one night hotel in Miami, single occupancy.  We will reserve your room.
  • Please contact sphelps@sciencesocieties.org if you'd prefer to make and pay for your own hotel arrangements in Miami.

Hillsborough River State Park-Hydric Soils Tour

Saturday, Nov. 2, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Sponsored by Soil Consulting Scientists Division
Tour starts and ends at the Tampa Convention Center
Tour various ecological communities for hydric/non-hydric soils and visit a restored wetland in a uniquely beautiful setting. The park is divided by the swiftly flowing Hillsborough River with a set of Class II rapids. Over 4 miles of hiking trails are bordered by different ecological communities consisting of live oak, hickory, sabal palm, hophornbeam, and magnolia. Tour stops will be conducted along various trails and the river. Examples of the hydric/non-hydric boundary will be observed with transitional areas from deep sandhills to wetlands.

Contact: Jared Sweat, 352-317-0704, jsweat029@ufl.edu

Price: $100 ($130 after Sept. 17)