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The United Nations declared 2015 the International Year of Soils!

As part of this global celebration and awareness campaign, the Soil Science Society of America developed a set of 12 videos, centered around SSSA's monthly communications themes. The goal of these videos is to raise public awareness of the value of soils and soil science; visibility of soil scientists in their communities; and, highlight soils.org as the premiere place to find soils information

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Soils Sustain Life

  • Soil overview – upper part of land surface
  • Created from weathered rocks
  • Soil ecosystem services – value of soil

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Soils support urban life


  • Urban Gardening
  • Importance of soil to urban environment

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Soils support agriculture


  • Global food supply
  • Nutrients come from soil
  • Water for plants/irrigation

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Soils clean and capture water


  • Partitioning of precipitation or irrigation into or across soil
  • Physical and biological cleaning
  • Green infrastructure for storm water management

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Soils support buildings/infrastructure


  • Houses made of soil
  • Engineering connection
  • Erosion/mudslides/structural failures

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Soils support recreation


  • Soils and enjoying the great outdoors
  • Got clean lakes? Thank your soil!
  • Good sports need good soil!

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Soils are living


  • Soils are Alive
  • Soils are Diverse and Complex
  • Living Soils Serve the World

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Soils support health


  • Soil Health means Healthy Food
  • Soil Protects Health
  • Soil as a Source of Medicine

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Soils protect the natural environment


  • Soils and Healthy Forests
  • Soils and the Great Plains
  • Soils and Our Coastal Wetlands
  • Soils and the Great American Desert
  • Soils and our Lakes, Rivers and Streams and Rivers

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Soils and products we use


  • Farm to table
  • Pottery/adobe
  • Make-up

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Soil and climate


  • C sequestration and greenhouse gases
  • Soils and past environments
  • Desertification and drought

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Soils, Culture, and People


  • Soils and art & literature
  • Religious & spiritual connections to soil
  • Soil forensics

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