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Soils sustain life overview
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Know Your State Soil! (PPTX)

Soil Ecosystem Services Jeopardy Game
Instructions and online game PDF
If you do not have access to the Internet Jeopardy Game,
you may wish to download this PowerPoint example.

Soils are Everywhere! Activity (PDF)

What is in Soil? Activity (PDF)

Basic Soil Processes (PDF)

Soil Searching (PDF) from the NSTA Dig In! Book

Soil Basics for K12 (PPTX)

Why is Soil Important? (PPTX)

Basic Soil Process (PPT)

What is Soil? Activity (PDF)

Extra Activities

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Learn more about Soil Basics

How much is dirt worth?

Soil texture and particle size

Soil Biological Activities: make soil fun

The soil chain (how is soil related to you?)

Keeping soil in its place

Make your own soil profile (PDF)

Learn more about the microbes that hold glue together
by downloading the NRCS guide

Soil Glue (Scroll to the bottom of the page)

Youth & United National Global Alliance (YUNGA)
Soils Challenge Badge

Life Science

News Release:
Soil Science Society of America
Celebrating 2015 International Year of Soils

The Soil Orders Simplified


January IYS Newsletter




Special thanks to this month's team of contributors:

Kate Scow and David Lindbo

Katelin Alldritt
Barbara Alves
Annie Bossange
Andrew Brown
Kayla Burns
Jessica Chiartas
Deirdre Griffin
Garrett Long
Andrew Margenot
Zhiyuan Tian
Hannah Waterhouse


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