Soils, Culture, and People

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Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Activity (PDF)

Mud Mask Activity (PDF)

Make Soil Crayons Activity (PDF)

Paint with Soil! Activity (PDF)

Gone with the Wind Book Club Activity (PDF)

Make Soil Crayons (PDF)

Soil Forensics Activity (PDF)

Mud Mask Activity (PDF)

Extra Activities

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Who did it? – Teachers First In this activity students use the unique properties of soil to solve a crime.

How Soil Evidence Helped Solve a Double Murder Case - CAFSS Case study describing how forensic soil scientists from the Centre for Australian Forensic Soil Science helped solve a murder case. Includes pictures (nothing gory) and explanations of soil evidence.

Collecting Crime Evidence From Earth – Geotimes Stories about cases in which soil evidence was used to solve crimes.

Color in the Garden (elem)

More than an Empty Pot

A Medieval Soil Mystery activity

Learn how African cultures use soils to make Mudcloths

News Releases

Soil, culture and people

Soils Matter Blog

What is soil forensics?

How are soils used in cosmetics?



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