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North Dakota field with 50 year old brine spillIntercropped test  field organic pasture and vegetable fieldCrop circle with different alfalfa plantings

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North Dakota's oil boom can have a salty side-effect. Wastewater from oil drilling and...

Plant scientist Ann Bybee-Finley says her first field experiment was humbling. ”I felt...

Organic vegetables are popular. However, growing them is notoriously high-maintenance for...

In the Southern Great Plains of the United States, plants have a lot to deal with. Long hot...


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A water bear soil microbe x1000

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Wall of soils exhibit

SSSA sponsors a traveling soils exhibit called Dig It! The Secrets of Soil | More


Meet a Soil Scientist

Betty Klepper
Betty Klepper

This month, we profile retired USDA-ARS plant physiologist and research leader Betty Klepper, who was elected the...  | More

Bill Shuster
Bill Shuster

A research hydrologist with the USEPA in Cincinnati, OH, Bill Shuster recently overheard his daughter... | More

Matt Politzzotto
Matt Politzzotto

Arsenic-contaminated water in Asia is a big problem, affecting 100 million people. As a result of the Green Revolution... | More


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For its 75th anniversary in 2011, SSSA created three videos telling the Story of Soil | More


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