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Gasparilla State Park, FL, wild sunflowers
March 15, 2017

Beauty and utility in one bright package, sunflowers are one of just a few commercial crops with origins in the...

Montreal urban agriculture
March 08, 2017

Montreal: Famous for its churches, carriage rides…and urban agriculture.

Yes, urban agriculture. Montrealers have cultivated not...

Plain and popped sorghum
February 15, 2017

Eating popcorn has long been synonymous with watching movies. But soon you might find yourself reaching for another popped snack option—...

Organic pasture and vegetables in demonstration site
September 14, 2016

Organic vegetables are popular. However, growing them is notoriously high-maintenance for farmers. Researchers are trying to identify the best...

Cowpeas, also known as black-eyed peas, growing in garden
August 31, 2016

Available cropland, and the growing season, is limited. Strained soils are in need of...

Cattle grazing in pasture
July 20, 2016

Getting more for less is an attractive concept. But it isn’t that easy when it comes to producing more food on less land with fewer...

Examining triclosan extracts from plant tissues, Texas A&M
May 25, 2016

Most U.S. homes are full of familiar household products with an ingredient that fights bacteria: triclosan. Triclosan seems to be everywhere. When...

Bioaerosol and particulate sampling equipment
April 13, 2016

Consumers don’t buy leafy greens and other healthy supermarket produce anticipating the food might make their families sick. Or at least,...

Mature faba bean plants with contrasting height and pod production
April 06, 2016

What bean has double the protein of wheat, triple that of rice, and also contains beneficial amino acids, B-vitamins, and micronutrients? The...

Collecting soil samples from Penn State University Living Filter
March 02, 2016

What would you do without water?

Farmers in drought areas are especially concerned by this question. As fresh water resources become...

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