Culture & Technology

X-ray fluorescence device in use
November 02, 2016

Name a current environmental challenge. Global climate change? Loss of endangered species? What about soil contamination?

Soil pollution...

Ken Paddock in forage field, Freeville, NY
October 26, 2016

We have it easier than cows. When we want to know how much fat, sodium, or carbohydrates are in the food we are eating, we can usually check the...

Salt crystals on treated soil surface vs. untreated brine-contaminated soil
September 28, 2016

North Dakota's oil boom can have a salty side-effect. Wastewater from oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing – or fracking – is...

August 09, 2016

Here’s a new way to communicate with today’s college students: “Tomorrow we begin #turf fertility for my ‘Lawns 101 class...

Arduino data logger in Costa Rica
July 27, 2016

Communities around the world are familiar with the devastation brought on by floods and droughts. Scientists are concerned that, in light of...

Installation of bioreactor
July 13, 2016

Water quality scientist Laura Christianson is working on a solution to the “dead zone”—an area with dangerously low levels of...

Phenocart measuring plant data (phenotype)
June 22, 2016

Plant breeders test their experiments by growing the seeds of their labor. They cross two different plants that have desirable traits. They sow...

Distributed Temperature Sensing system installed near Stillwater, OK
June 08, 2016

As you read this paragraph, a NASA satellite orbits around planet Earth, gathering data on — of all things — soil moisture. Moisture...

Erin Schneider with soil quilt displayed on barn
April 27, 2016

Rural landscapes are often described as a patchwork quilt of crops and fields. But what if soil, literally, made a quilt?

Laser scanner in soil pit at night
March 30, 2016

Most of us think nothing of rainfall or where it goes, unless it leads to flooding or landslides. But soil scientists have been studying how water...