A Day in the Life

Ever wonder why a scientist decides to make soil a career focus? The Soil Science Society of America online publication Soil Horizons brings this series of interviews, "A Day in the Life,"  to highlight the breadth of experiences, challenges, and rewards found within the soil science profession.


Soil Scientists: Who We Are, What We Do

International Soil Judging first place Team USA on soil pit
September 23, 2015

To four budding soil scientists, soil is not just what’s underfoot. It’s a passion, and a key to future success.

May 01, 2015

Ed Landa has been captivated by soils since his undergrad days, but they’ve hardly been his sole fascination. His love of art, history, and...

Phil Small
March 19, 2015

As an art major at the University of California–Davis, consulting soil scientist Phil Small says he always dug clay much more than the...

January 09, 2015

This month, we profile retired USDA-ARS plant physiologist and research leader Betty Klepper, who was elected the first female Fellow of the Soil...